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The conference papers are published under a Creative Commons licence CC-BY-NC-ND.


Alessandro Bertoni: The SantAgostino project for a new Cultural Centre in Modena

pdf; 6,5 MB

mp4; 95,7 MB


Ulrike Brunenberg- Piel: The Library of Medicine of the ULB Düsseldorf in the O.A.S.E. – an Example of modern, well-designed Learning-Spaces

pdf; 2,4 MB


Graham Bulpitt: Putting students first: universities, libraries and learning

pdf; 1,6 MB

mp4; 89,4 MB


Christophe Didier: Refurbishment of the National University Library, Strasbourg

mp4; 105 MB


Hans Geleijnse: Research Support and European Research Libraries

pdf; 0,2 MB

mp4; 72,3 MB


Jan David Hanrath: A crash course into acoustics

mp4; 121 MB


Helle Juul: The library - a catalyst for urban development

pdf; 12,8 MB

mp4; 211,2 MB


Antje Kellersohn: Reshaping Freiburg University Library - Learning and Research in the Heart of the City

pdf; 4,2 MB

mp4; 99,2 MB


Steen Bille Larsen: The Royal Library Denmark - Refurbishing The Black Diamond to meet the digital challenges

pdf; 2,3 MB

mp4; 76,5 MB


Petr Lešek, Tomáš Vaněk: Introduction to visit to National Technical Library

pdf; 18,1 MB

mp4; 138,7 MB


Willem Jan Neutelings: In Search of the Archive under Dutch Water

pdf; 12,8 MB

mp4; 115 MB


Richard Ovenden: Strategies fo Special Collections at the Bodleian

pdf; 10,4 MB

mp4; 162,8 MB


Bert Rogiers: 4 Libraries

pdf; 3,2 MB

mp4; 87,7 MB


Miroslav Růžička: A story on implementation of comprehensive modernization of energy management of the National Theater with application of alternative sources

mp4; 125,3 MB


Anna Wagner: Building's envelope design, energy efficiency and renewable energies

pdf; 8,7 MB

mp4; 156,2 MB


Jiří Zlatuška: Libraries in the age of a digital fire

pdf; 0,9 MB

mp4; 95,8 MB




Introduction to the 16th Seminar of the LIBER Architecture Group - LIBER LAG 2012

Martin Svoboda (National Technical Library), Jindřich Fryč (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport), Ulrich Niederer (chairman LIBER Architecture Group)

mp4; 53,5 MB



Ulrich Niederer (chairman LIBER Architecture Group)

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